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Tax Penalties and Settlements

Taxation Solutions - Tax LeinAre increasing IRS tax penalties making your financial situation difficult? Are you looking for assistance in securing a tax settlement that will work with your budget? If you’re struggling with tax penalties, your best bet is to call the taxes settlement experts at Taxation Solutions, Inc. right now. Our team of tax abatement pros provides assistance with IRS penalty abatement and other IRS settlement options. We are proud to serve individuals and businesses in the Virginia Beach area, so turn to us today to handle your tax abatement needs. We offer free consultations for all of our tax debt reduction services, and we’re ready to help you solve your tax issues with ease!

When you owe an outstanding balance to the IRS, the fees and penalties will only go up. Over time, you could find yourself with a debt that’s impossible to pay back. Fortunately, the IRS allows for taxpayers to negotiate tax settlements. The type of IRS tax settlement you can qualify for will depend on your personal circumstances. If there was a death in your family or you were hospitalized, you could be eligible for IRS penalty abatement; if the tax problems resulted from an ex-spouse's error, you could be eligible for innocent spouse relief. You may qualify for these or another type of IRS tax settlement option. If tax penalties are causing you stress and anxiety, let Taxation Solutions relieve some of the burden for you. Our licensed and insured tax attorneys have over 40 years of experience dealing with federal tax penalties, which means we can offer you effective solutions to your tax problems.

Comprehensive Tax Settlement Service

If you’re trying to get out from under the weight of an excessive tax burden, the tax penalty pros at Taxation Solutions are ready to meet your needs and offer you the assistance you need to have a brighter financial future. Some of the most popular taxes settlement options we can help you secure include:

  • An offer in compromise, an agreement which reduces your overall tax debt but requires assurance you will pay the remainder of your balance
  • An installment agreement, which requires you to pay off your unpaid tax debt in monthly installments
  • Penalty abatement, in which the IRS agrees to lift fees and penalties to help reduce what you owe
  • Lien and levy releases to help protect your property and other assets from IRS seizure
  • Wage garnishment cessation, which requires the IRS to stop taking tax payment from your paychecks

Whether you want to pursue tax abatement or other options for tax settlements, our tax debt settlement team will offer you the best advice on how to get the most favorable option for your personal situation. We understand that every taxpayer is different, and we strive to ensure that our tax settlement experts only provide options that are right for each individual client. If you’re ready to benefit from our fast, friendly, and affordable IRS settlement services, then pick up the phone today and give Taxation Solutions a call!

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