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IRS Back Taxes

Taxation Solutions - Tax FormsWhen you discover that you owe back taxes, the news can be devastating. Paying back taxes doesn’t have to decimate your finances, however. Contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. of Virginia Beach today via phone or e-mail for professional back taxes help. Our team of tax attorneys and CPAs has more than 40 years of experience with helping private citizens and corporate customers avoid penalties such as property liens and levies and restore their financial stability. Taxation Solutions is available to help with local, state, and federal back tax problems.

We begin the tax relief process by thoroughly examining your financial situation, taking into account the particulars of your back taxes problem as well as any mitigating circumstances. We will then formulate a customized plan that will allow you to take care of your back taxes problems and emerge from the ordeal with the best possible outcome. Tax law can be complicated, but we can use our more than two decades of knowledge to help you determine where you stand and what your best options are. In some cases, we can even arrange it so that customers pay pennies on the dollar on what they originally owed!

Every customer is different. That’s why our tax lawyers in Virginia Beach are dedicated to careful examination of your particular circumstances—so we can recommend back taxes help strategies that will swiftly resolve your issues. Our staff will fully explain, in layman’s terms, what each option entails so you can feel fully comfortable and educated with your back tax relief plan. Our goal is to quell your worries and put you back in control!

Some back tax help options that we may be able to offer you include:

  • Offers in compromise
  • Penalty abatement
  • Installment agreements
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • And others

The team at Taxation Solutions is available to handle problems with back income tax, back property tax, and more. If you’ve recently learned that you own the IRS back taxes, don’t panic. The team at Taxation Solutions knows how to navigate the tax system to help you resolve your dilemma. Don’t hesitate to seek help—fast action could save you countless sleepless nights as well as big bucks on penalties and more.

Anyone could find themselves facing back taxes. But one little slipup doesn’t have to cost you again and again throughout the foreseeable future. The tax professionals at Taxation Solutions have the knowledge and experience to use the tax code to your advantage and help you avoid penalties like property seizure or liens. Make the smart move by calling us today to learn more about filing back tax returns. Whether you owe federal back tax or back property tax, you can expect an accurate assessment of your finances and solutions that will work for you. Our terrific customer service and fantastic back tax resolution results make us Virginia Beach’s most reliable source for back tax help.

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